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Sunday, April 1, 2012

IMPORTANT THEORY QTNs - CA Final - Costing - May '12


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FOR CA Final – May 2012 EXAM


1. Distinguish between:

·         Partial plan and single plan

·         marginal costing and absorption costing

·         Fixed and Flexible budget

·         Standard costing and Budgetary control

·         Traditional management accounting and  value chain analysis

·         Traditional absorption costing and ABC

·         Value added & non-value added activities

·         Monopolistic competition vs. oligopoly

2. Briefly explain Dual plan

3. Discuss disposal of variances in standard costing

4. "Overhead variances should be viewed as interdependent rather than independent"

5. Briefly discuss three distinct groups of variances that arise in standard costing

6. "Use of absorption costing method for the valuation of finished goods inventory provides incentive for over-production." Elucidate the statement

7. Define:

·         Breakeven chart

·         Curvilinear cvp analysis

·         Angle of incidence

·         Budget manual

·         Committed Cost

·         Cost plus pricing

·         Business process re-engineering


8. Discuss the non-cost factors to be considered for deciding in favour of shut down

9. Discuss the assumptions to be considered under CVP.

10. Identify the circumstances it may be justifiable to sell at a price bellow marginal cost

11. Discuss the limitations of using the marginal costing technique

12. Identify the Mon-cost factors to be identified in making make/buy decision.

13. How does a different cost have their profile in product mix decisions?

14. Briefly explain the advantages of Zero based budget.

15. Discuss the objectives of transfer pricing system and various methods of Transfer pricing.

16. Brief on how the Transfer pricing conflicts can be resolved effectively?

17. Disadvantages of treating divisions as profit centres

18. List down the important features of target costing system

19. Highlight the points to be borne in mind before implementing a target costing system.

20. A product development has inbuilt phases. Discuss briefly.

21. What is the significance and features of product life cycle costing.

22. Briefly explain objectives & pre-requisite of uniform costing

23. Pre-requisites of installing inter-firm comparison system

24. Identify the issues in value engineering

25. Identify the Steps involved in value chain analysis approach for assessing competitive advantages.

26. List down method of costing to be adopted in service sector

27. Identify the conditions to be satisfied for a cost to be classified as relevant cost.

28. Area in which applications of incremental cost techniques in making managerial decisions

29. Identify the need for ABC costing.

30. Discuss various types of activities.

31. Identify the areas where ABC can be used as a decision making.

32. Discuss various types of Competitive pricing

33. Discuss the Penetration pricing strategy

34. List down the conditions to be satisfied for price discrimination

35. Identify the pricing practices where non-cost reasons are important in setting prices.

36. Define Pareto analysis and its area of application.

37. Discuss the three core concepts of TQM.

38. Brief on stages in the implementation of TQM.

39. List down the six C's and 4P's are of TQM.

40. Discuss the concept of continuous process improvement.

41. How effective is JIT in elimination of wastage of resources.

42. What do you mean by back flushing in a JIT system?

43. List down the objective of Material requirement planning

44. List down the minimum data requirements to operate material requirement planning system.

45. Discuss the concept of throughput accounting

46. List down the objective of theory of constraints

47. List down the goals and performance measures for each perspective of balance scorecard.

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